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The website was started in 1998, when my sons and I needed some kind of activity during a rainy summer week. Since then the website has developed into a huge portal and resource about an important part of 20th century shipping and Swedish corporate history. The site also plays a central part in my interest in the Swedish - American heritage.

An important SAL year

About SALPosted by Lars Hemingstam Jun 10, 2010 18:25:28

2010 is an important year for SAL enthusiasts, for sure.

In March, April, and May, there was the exhibition in Gothenburg about the exchange and repatriation voyages during WWII. Rune Dahlstrand managed the Beauty Salon and served as a barber on the Gripsholm during the WWII exchange and repatriation voyages.
Emigranternas Hus (The Emigrants' House) in Gothenburg hosted an exhibition about these voyages, based on Rune Dahlstrand's memories.

In June, The Swedish American Center in Karlstad, Sweden, opened a SAL exhibition, which will be available from June 6, 2010 to April 30, 2011. The exhibit is based on Torsten Torestnsons SAL collection.

As every year, Marinmuseet in Varberg, is showing its big SAL collection.

And of course, this is the year when the fate of the Kungsholm will be decided. Who could believe that the city officials of Gothenburg would not welcome the Kungsholm as a hotel in the harbor? Especially since the financing has been taken care of. The last word is not yet said, but time is running out. The initiator of the project, Mr Lars G Hallgren, has promised news in about two weeks time.