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The website was started in 1998, when my sons and I needed some kind of activity during a rainy summer week. Since then the website has developed into a huge portal and resource about an important part of 20th century shipping and Swedish corporate history. The site also plays a central part in my interest in the Swedish - American heritage.

Kungsholm in Stockholm City

About SALPosted by Lars Hemingstam Oct 05, 2010 14:56:03

The newspaper Stockholm City reported on October 4 that the Kungsholm is still being considered to become a student hotel, in competetion with Regina Baltica.

Comment: Of course, the EU regulations force the city to request offers from several companies.

I apologize for incorrectly writing earlier that this was reported by Metro.

Reunion at Onsala Herrgård 2010

About SALPosted by Lars Hemingstam Aug 19, 2010 10:12:37
Morten Olsson, organizer of the 2010 reunion, informs us that there are now only 6 rooms left. Read more about previous SAL reunions here:

The Reunion in Onsala

Saturday, September 25th 2010
10.00-12.00 Check-in at Onsala Herrgård, as usual Morten Olsson, owner and organizer, will meet and greet all guests. Coffee and cookies will be served in The Library.
12.00 Lunch will be served in The Small Dining Room.
13.30 Departure by bus to Råö Space Observatory.
15.30 Departure back to Onsala Herrgård.
16.15 Afternoon Tea will be served in comfortable conference room "Nidingen". Morten will present his new venture with Wonder Cruises.
17.30 The Bar will be open with very friendly prices.....
19.00 Pre-dinner sparkling wine is served in The Library followed by a three course gourmet dinner incl wine and coffe / tea incl a cognac or liqeur.

Sunday, September 26th
08.00-10.00 Breakfast is served in The Small Dining Room
10.00-12.00 Checkout

Price PER person in Swedish Kronor, sponsored by Onsala Herrgård:

One night stay in a double room 1,000:- including all meals, i.e. welcome coffe/tea and cookies, lunch with light beer or mineral water, afternoon tea with cookies, our 3 course dinner with wine and 'avec', breakfast as well as tranportation by bus to Råö incl entrance fee.

Single room accommodation 1,195:-, same conditions as above

No accomdoation day 1, 695:-

The arrangement above cannot be combined!

Bookings are made directly to Onsala Herrgård phone (+46) 300 395 75.
Refer to SAL Reunion 2010.

Please note: reservations can only be made by PHONE, no email please!
Your reservation must be paid not later than Friday 10th of September.
Please pay to Länsförsäkringar Bank in Sweden, accountnumber 452 13 61, receiver: Morten Olsson.
IMPORTANT: on your banktransfer, leave message with your first and last name and number of persons!!!
Since we were fully booked last year for this reunion please book at earliest possible convenience! Many thanks!

All answers excluding reservations will be given by Morten on phone (+46) 709 83 98 15

Read more about SAL Reunions here.

New Kungsholm Development Looks Promising

About SALPosted by Lars Hemingstam Jul 26, 2010 13:15:34
The latest news from Mr Lars Hallgren is that the City of Stockholm is showing great interest in harboring the Kungsholm. The city authorities have appointed a project manager to supervise the project. The goal is to find a berthing site before September! This is an exciting new development of this story.

Webmaster at Large

Thoughts in generalPosted by Lars Hemingstam Jul 13, 2010 17:35:53

This can happen to you!

Manhattan Midsummer

Thoughts in generalPosted by Lars Hemingstam Jun 29, 2010 05:50:03

See photos from a Midsummer celebration on Manhattan here:

Next Midsummer in New York?

Agent Offering Kungsholm For Sale

About SALPosted by Lars Hemingstam Jun 26, 2010 20:18:44

The Kungsholm is offered for sale on this website. Not necessarily to be scrapped.

Artwork on the Kungsholm

About SALPosted by Lars Hemingstam Jun 24, 2010 21:27:56

Today I received an encouraging message from David Leidenborg in Gothenburg, concerning the four statues that have disappeared from the Kungsholm's Auditorium. According to Mr Leidenborg, the statues are in safe hands at the Maritime Museum in Gothenburg.

Hopefully, the large intarsia will be rescued in a similar fashion.

Sad News About Kungsholm

About SALPosted by Lars Hemingstam Jun 13, 2010 11:27:41

I received a very sad news alert indeed today, when I learned that scrap buyers are soon to inspect the Kungsholm. Of course, this must not necessarliy be the end, there is still hope that Mr Hallgren will be able to save the Kungsholm, but it's very disturbing news.

If this should become a reality, it is very important to save the artwork that still exists on the ship. Unfortunately the small statues in the auditorium, portraying the Nobility, the Clergy, the Burghers and the Peasants, have disappeared. But it's very important to save the large intarsia, which belongs in a museum.

Photo: Stefanie Spieker

Photo:Tommy Stark

Örjan Slätte, former Information Officer on the Gripsholm, has added these comments:
This intarsia was present on the Kungsholm of 1953. It is called "Figures and buildings in Swedish history". The characters go back about one thousand years, and the geographic presentation, from left to right, shows Sweden from the West Coast to the East. The artist's name was Rudolf Blomberg.

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